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From Musician to Mediator

From Musician to Mediator

What led you to leave your musical career behind and become a mediator?



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Oh, it was more of a process than a moment. I mean, like many musicians, it became clear that although I wanted it, it didn’t want me. This path to stardom wasn’t quite as clear-cut as I had hoped. For a few years I actually ran a business, a recording studio business.]


When I reached the point where the people coming through the door, I began to think, ‘These could be my kids.’ It felt like time to, maybe try something more grown-up. I didn’t want to be a lawyer again and I remembered listening to a radio interview from about 1981, where somebody talked about family conciliation.


It stuck in my mind, and this is 10, 11, 12 years later, when I returned to Scotland. I looked it up in the Phone Book – Family Conciliation. I phoned the office and I got the manager, and said, ‘I’m this and that,’ and he said, ‘Well, as it happens, we’re looking for a new mediator and we have a training course.’ So it was strangely . . . was it serendipitous? Or some little thread in my mind took me back to it. I think anyone who’s involved in mediation knows it’s not exactly a glittering career. There are quite a lot of twists and turns. Even the simple business of making a living is pretty tricky in this country.

About the mediator

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A solicitor and former professional musician, Charlie Irvine has developed Strathclyde Law School’s LLM/MSc in Mediation and Conflict Resolution, on which he is Course Leader and Senior Teaching Fellow. Additional teaching duties include an Elective in Mediation for PEAT1 students; Negotiation and Mediation on Strathclyde’s LLM in Advocacy; Negotiation on the Clinical LLB; and Legal Process for undergraduates. He has also founded Universi... View Mediator