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Cost of Collaborative Divorce

Cost of Collaborative Divorce

Is the cost of collaborative divorce process more than mediation or litigation?



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The complication in reaching out to clients is that it seems that it would be so much more expensive than either mediation or litigation, because there are more professionals involved. But the reality of how it plays out is it’s actually much less expensive than litigation. It’s still typically more expensive than a mediation. But for some people it’s necessary to have the professionals there with them all the time. That’s fine. However, even though there are more professionals, because of the team approach and the lack of an incentive for the professionals to milk the case, which unfortunately happens often, it ends up being a fairly minor percentage of what the same couple’s divorce would cost them in court.

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Arianna Jeret is a mediator & certified divorce coach whose practice is focused on helping couples stop the daily fighting, resolve their disagreements, and regain control of their individual lives. Arianna received her BA at UCLA, her MA in Judaic Studies from the Jewish Theological Seminary of America, and her Masters in Social Work from Columbia University. After a 15-year career in non-profit development, Arianna embarked on her path ... View Mediator

  • Lorraine Nordstrom

    I’m not sure when this interview was held, so I’m sorry that my reply is late, but I wanted to thank you, Lisa, for the valuable information you have shared here. I think your explanation of helping them understand and separate their feelings within their two close relationship roles of parent and ex-partner is simply brilliant! Thank you.

    • Thank you Lorraine. As i mentioned in the interview, I knew very little about family mediation before coming into this and I can now begin to appreciate the complexity of mediating these challenging conflicts.
      I was particularly interested in the way Lisa described how she would handle some of the things I would find difficult.

      The interview was very recently but regardless please feel free to comment, I read and reply to every one – I’m sure Lisa will too.

      Thanks again for you r feedback.


  • Emma Ries at F

    Thank you to Alum for his brilliant idea which allowed me to listen to this fascinating interview while preparing the dinner tonight.

    Thank you to Lisa for a master class in explaining so clearly how mediation works, without losing the complexity of the process.

    • Thanks Emma – you’re not the only one that listens to these whilst preparing dinner – maybe I should move interview famous chefs as well!
      I agree it was a masterclass, thank you Lisa.

      Welcome to Mediator Academy, by the way.
      Best wishes

  • Emma Ries at F

    So sorry just realised typo in your name Aled in my post below. Emma

    • I’ve been called all sorts of things :-))

      • Emma Ries at F

        Thanks. Looking forward to Gordon Ramsay’s thoughts on conflict management!?! Emma

  • Louisa Whitney

    Thanks for that interview, Lisa. It was really insightful and some great points on the intervention within mediation.

    • Thanks Louisa – yes there were a couple of real bonuses in the interview, I intend to incorporate these interventions into the interviews so you and I can see how things might be done/said differently.