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Building Trust in the Mediator

Building Trust in the Mediator

What do you do in your first meeting to build the necessary trust in you as a mediator?



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That’s a very instinctive thing Aled. I think part of it is I like people and I like talking to people and I’m a very inquisitive person too. I like to know what makes people tick and how their mind is working and I think it’s making that connection because I think that if you’re really talking to people and now I’m talking about a team of eight or ten people in front of me but I’m talking about really talking to the individuals. Which can be quite hard work when you’ve got large numbers you actually make that-, first you have to decide who are the most people, important people to make the connection with. Who are the people that are going to make the decisions because you can’t equally spend time with everybody in every team. So you identify the people that are the most important and you concentrate on really getting to know them. And to some extent at the same time getting to know the others who are never unimportant everybody is important in the mediation, but perhaps who are less of a key. And so I really get to know them and to like usually and the people who are there. And I think in the process of that they come to understand that what I’m trying to do is to help them. Now they have to make their own judgment about whether I have the skill to help them and the only thing I have to say about that is that most of my cases settle, but you know. But you know, ultimately, not on the day- Ultimately. And every case is different and every communication with every person is different. So how well that trust builds will always depend upon the personalities.

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