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Ethical Dilemmas for Mediators

Ethical Dilemmas for Mediators

Why are third party neutrals often exposed to difficult ethical dilemmas?



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I talk about chapters, but that one, for example, if somebody comes to us, and it depends what our role is, but let’s say we are . . . Just say we’re “an advisor,” saying that there is a professor who’s seriously sexually harassing them and others, but we absolutely want to keep that quiet. Now, this is a moral quandary here.


We have an obligation to the person who’s talked to us, but there’s a larger danger out there. We’ve dealt with that as a profession with child abuse, with domestic violence, with threats to commit harm to others. What to avoid, what to engage and when it’s all right to support avoidance, when we have to help people really get over their avoidant tendencies.


Knowing that if I, as an individual, do report somebody for harassing me in a dangerous way, I could suffer serious consequences. The statistics on what happens to people who report that are not good. So that raises a lot of ethical challenges.

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