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Learn More About CINERGY

Learn More About CINERGY

Where can people learn more about the CINERGY Model and conflict coaching training?



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So the website is www.cinergy C-I-N-E-R-G-Y So C-I-N people kind of miss that sometime because of the turn of phrase, but


The training is in Ireland, the UK, Australia, and there has been training in France, Poland, not recently, U.S. and Canada, different parts of the U.S. and Canada. And I do train, and the group in Australia also do training in New Zealand. I do a tele-course now because there are people from all over the world, in fact I had somebody from South Africa on the last one, and another person from a part, in Europe in Spain, so people come from all over on the tele-courses, and that’s all done by phone, it’s not a webinar. And that’s in the last few years, and that’s developed incredibly for people who can’t get to a place to do the coaching and to get the training.


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Cinnie Noble is a lawyer, Certified Mediator and Coach based in Toronto, Ontario. Cinnie has worked in the field of ADR as a mediator for over 20 years and in 1999, she identified what she experienced as a need for one on one process to help people strengthen their skills and abilities to more effectively engage in conflict. Through considerable research, Cinnie went on to develop a unique specialty in the ADR and coaching fields. Conflict ma... View Mediator