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Approaches to Conflict Coaching

Approaches to Conflict Coaching

Do approaches to conflict coaching vary between different practitioners?



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You know the coaching field is generally very client driven, very goal-oriented. That would be a basic premise that people would have. In fact, the basic premise, the framework is something to the effect of you know the client comes in, this is where they want to be. Coaches coach the gap. In order to do that, it’s can the client have a different perspective than they did when they came in, in order to do something different, whatever that is, and it applies to conflict management coaching too. Can they get a different perspective? And once they do what other kinds of choices do they have, than they initially thought they had? What are their options? And what are the actionable steps needed to get there? And what’s going to get in their way?


So coaching has a basic framework, but there are definitely coaches who are specialised. I have a colleague who’s a food coach and she knows everything about nutrition, and included in her coaching is information. There are other people that will do-, and more guidance, and more directiveness. So while there is a philosophy of creative, resourceful, and whole there are lots of coaches who would say, ‘This is an area that I know about. I can help this person by giving them some direction around that.’ So there are degrees of it. I go to the one extreme on it in that I’m not going to give that advice.

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