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A Family Mediation Business Plan

A Family Mediation Business Plan

How did you establish your business plan?



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Yes, I think we sat down and we were working on the basis that we wouldn’t be investing a very large amount of money, but we needed to work out how to do that. So we invested our training, our respective training. Sheila was already trained as a family mediator. She had to do some additional work in order to move into the co-mediation model, but that was fine. And she did that. We each had a training budget, and we had a website budget. That was one of our real priorities, and similarly, we had to do some marketing. We’ve been given a lot of help. A lot of people have been very kind and generous at that time.


Many of them, actually, on the basis that they thought what we were doing was worth doing, so they were happy to help. I think a lot of people are pretty appalled by either their direct experience of the divorce courts, the family courts to use an Orwellian phrase. Either their direct experience or the experience of their friends. A lot of people say there must be a better way, and mediation isn’t necessarily the better way, but it is an option and they like the sound of it.

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Philippa took her Bar exams in 1988, and was called to the Bar in 1999 (having finally eaten the dinners that form such an important part of a real legal education). She has never practiced as a barrister, choosing instead to work for 25 years in legal publishing, first for Sweet & Maxwell, and then as a freelancer. In 2011 she gave up her role as lead headnoter and assistant editor of the Family Law Reports to become a family mediator. In 20... View Mediator